How to measure for a door:




All measurements are taken from the outside and should be the door frame opening.


1. Take three measurements on width (A): top, center, and bottom. Use smallest figure.


2. Measure height (B) from top of opening to sill. Measure both sides and use smallest figure.


When ordering pre-hung doors, face the door from the outside and specify whether hinges are left-hand or right-hand.



How to measure for a window:





1. Measure opening width (A) at top, center, and bottom of window to be sure opening width is constant. If dimensions are not equal, select either the maximum or a compromise, as part of the storm window fin can be trimmed for a snug fit.


2. Measure opening height (B).


Note: Windows should be ordered by frame opening size. Do not make allowances. We will make allowances.


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